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Strip correction system

The operation of the infrared light/ultrasonic/laser/visible light monitoring coil is emitted by the correcting sensor B, and the signal is sent to the controller A. After the controller finds that the coil has a positional drift, the controller D controls the swing of the correction frame C to correct the position of the coil according to a command preset by the controller.


Construction machinery

Construction machinery is an important part of the Chinese equipment industry. In a nutshell, the mechanical equipment necessary for the construction of earth and stone construction, pavement construction and maintenance, mobile lifting and unloading operations and various mechanized construction projects required for various construction projects is called construction machinery. It is mainly used in the fields of national defense construction engineering, transportation construction, energy industry construction and production, mining and other raw material industry construction and production, agriculture and forestry water conservancy construction, industrial and civil construction, urban construction, and environmental protection.


Machine tool hydraulic equipment

Machine tool hydraulic systems are generally more difficult to directly determine the main cause of failure. Therefore, you must figure out the whole before analyzing the hydraulic fault.

The transmission principle and structural characteristics of the hydraulic system. Then judge according to the fault phenomenon, and gradually analyze the in-depth, adopting the points of smoothness and tracking.

Analysis method. Deliberately and directionalally reduce the suspicious range, determine the area, location, and even a certain component.


Precision agricultural navigation

Agricultural machinery and equipment must meet the requirements of precision agriculture, such as positioning navigation, real-time monitoring, automatic variable adjustment and other functions, and put forward the specific innovation direction of agricultural machinery and equipment to adapt to precision agriculture.


Metallurgical industry hydraulic equipment

Hydraulic equipment has large transmission force, easy to transmit and configure, and is widely used in industrial and civil industries. Hydraulic System Actuators Hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic motors function to convert the pressure energy of a liquid into mechanical energy to achieve the desired linear reciprocating or swiveling motion. You can modify the components to achieve the desired work according to the action you want to design.


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