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Cleaning and maintenance of hydraulic pump valves

The quality of a hydraulic system depends not only on the rationality of the system design and the performance of the system components, but also on the pollution protection and treatment of the system. The pollution of the system directly affects the reliability of the hydraulic system and the service life of the components. Statistics, about 70% of hydraulic system failures at home and abroad are caused by pollution.


Hydraulic and electrical related technical support

The hydraulic electrical system is a metallurgical term. The hydraulic system adopts the K-type three-position five-way electromagnetic reversing valve as the main reversing valve, and the main reversing valve and the two-position two-way electromagnetic reversing valve are connected in parallel, and then connected to the hydraulic cylinder to form a partial liquid resistance. And the shortest differential fast-forward loop of the pipeline.


Custom processing of hydraulic valve blocks

Blocks are very common and very important components in hydraulic systems. They are compact and easy to maintain, install, adjust and replace hydraulic components. Generally, the oil hole inside the hydraulic valve block is processed by drilling or boring.


Assembly of hydraulic accessories

Hydraulic components are hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic valves, superchargers and other components used in hydraulic systems. The failure of hydraulic components leads to noise, and the suction phenomenon is one of the main causes of excessive noise of the hydraulic pump. The hydraulic pump distribution plate is also one of the important components that cause noise.


Custom processing of hydraulic systems

The function of the hydraulic system is to increase the force by changing the pressure. A complete hydraulic system consists of five parts, namely the power element, the actuator, the control element, the auxiliary element (accessory) and the hydraulic fluid. Hydraulic systems can be divided into two categories: hydraulic drive systems and hydraulic control systems.


Hydraulic system repair and after-sales

The hydraulic system consists of a power component, a control component, and an actuator component, among which there is a heat dissipation system. The main maintenance of the hydraulic system is to maintain the cleanliness of the oil and the choice of hydraulic oil. Regularly change the oil suction and return oil filter, and replace the sealing rubber ring of the air filter at the fuel filler port regularly.


Hydraulic oil pipe production

The production of hydraulic oil pipes has many equipments, many kinds of raw materials, and complicated production processes. However, in recent years, the production process of hydraulic oil pipes using plastic or thermoplastic elastomer as the main raw material can be appropriately simplified, and the raw material price is high, and the market is still mainly based on rubber raw materials.


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