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Hydraulic system function

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Hydraulic system function

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Hydraulic system function

The hydraulic rotating equipment, the control and control devices used in practice must be provided, and in order to meet the working principle of the liquid rotating medium, it must also have different auxiliary devices necessary to ensure the normal working cycle of the hydraulic oil.

Shanghai hydraulic system in the process of its operation, the advantages of its hydraulic operation, easy to achieve the infinite conversion rate, smooth transmission absorption shock, more convenient to achieve automatic control and control, while preventing overload handling, making it more labor-saving, volume Small, lightweight, low inertia, compact structure, and its component configuration is not limited by strict spatial position. The hydraulic control system and rotation are based on petroleum-based hydraulic oil. The structure of the hydraulic components used and the manufacturing precision are also specially designed for the application of such media. However, the medium device sometimes used is a special liquid, which imposes stricter requirements on the function, design and manufacture of the hydraulic system, so that major manufacturers cannot provide dedicated hydraulic components for each special medium. In this piece, Jingding proposes to keep pace with the times and implement innovations for developers and designers, and constantly summarize and improve in actual combat. After the hydraulic system was established, it was found that after the shaking table was raised, the shaking table had a falling phenomenon, and the rising handle of the steering valve had to be pulled once, which was due to the leakage of the steering valve spool. Based on the original system, a hydraulic lock is added between each hydraulic cylinder and the steering valve, thereby reducing the opening of the steering valve. In the current industry development, hydraulic transmission is still a relatively new technology compared to mechanical transmission, and has been widely used in machinery, medical, petroleum and other fields.

Shanghai Poly Engineering Hydraulic Co., Ltd. specializes in producing all kinds of hydraulic systems, hydraulic stations, hydraulic valve blocks.

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