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Standard valve block

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Standard valve block

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Detailed introduction

The role of the standard valve block system

Electro-hydraulic servo control system, in the TRT device, is a sub-system of one of the eight systems. According to the instructions of the main control room, to realize the system control of TRT opening, stopping, speed control, power control, top pressure and process detection, to realize the function control of the above system, it will be reflected in controlling the speed of the turbine. It is necessary to control the opening of the translucent leaf, and the means of controlling the opening of the vane is the electro-hydraulic position servo system. The accuracy and error of the control system directly affect the control of the various stages of the TRT system. It can be seen that the role of the system in TRT is very important.

Valve block system

The system consists of three parts: the hydraulic control unit, the servo cylinder and the power oil station.

The hydraulic control unit includes a speed control valve control unit and a translucent leaf control unit. Each unit is composed of an electro-hydraulic servo valve, an electric solenoid valve, a solenoid valve for quick closing, an oil block and a base.

The servo cylinder is a double piston rod structure with low friction and good sealing performance. The power station consists of a fuel tank, a variable oil pump, an oil filter, a cooler, a pipeline valve, and a detector table.

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