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Detailed introduction

Correction system principle: The infrared light/ultrasound/laser/visible light is monitored by the correcting sensor B, and the signal is sent to the controller A. After the controller finds that the coil has a positional drift, the controller D controls the swing of the correction frame C to correct the position of the coil according to a command preset by the controller. The automatic material rectification system uses a photoelectric sensor to detect the edge position of the coil, and sends the measured position error signal to the controller. After the control unit judges the process, the drive motor is controlled to correct the coil at the deviation position to the correct position. . The FIFE Correction System offers several different detection methods: edge detection, follow-up or alignment. The drive system uses low-speed synchronization, variable frequency speed regulation, stepping and servo motor drive, and the drive stroke and the coil offset are strictly proportional. The system can also be used with different probes to suit the needs of different coils, such as: infrared photoelectric, analog infrared photoelectric. The microcomputer digital controller provides precise control of the system's functions.

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