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Shanghai Jugong Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd.

Contact: Manager Zhang

Mobile: 13671968158 /13681692048

Tel: 0512-53401911 Fax: 0512-53401911

E-mail: jugongyeya@163.com

Website: www.maponbulk.com

Zip code: 215400

Address: No. 91 Yinchuan Road, Taicang City, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China


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5.14-WEH, WH type hydraulic control reversing valve electro-hydraulic reversing valve 3.2-DV(P)(DRV(P))...10 type throttle valve (one-way throttle valve) 4.14-Z2S22...L5X type superimposed hydraulic control check valve 4.12-Z2S10...L3X type superimposed hydraulic control check valve 4.13-Z2S16...L5X type superimposed hydraulic control check valve 4.11-Z2S6...L6X type superimposed hydraulic control check valve 4WRZ, H electromagnetic proportional directional control valve 5.1-WMD6...L6X manual reversing valve knob reversing valve GT-A2 double opening and closing hydraulic quick connector 4WRE type electromagnetic proportional reversing valve 2.11-DR6DP...L5X direct acting pressure reducing valve 3.1-MG-MK type throttle valve - one-way throttle valve RFA Series Miniature Direct Return Oil Return Filter Magnetic oil return filter series (traditional type) 3.4-Z2FS6...L4X superimposed single throttle valve 4WRA electromagnetic proportional reversing valve YWZ-76~500 series liquid level liquid thermometer 2.8-ZDB-Z2DB...V...L3X superimposed relief valve CPF cartridge type hydraulic control check valve CQ-80~500 series liquid level liquid thermometer 3.5-Z2FS...30 superimposed single throttle valve 5.12-WE10...L3X electromagnetic reversing valve 4.8-SV(SL)6...L6X hydraulic control check valve Cone seal welded cylindrical pipe threaded pipe 2.7-ZDB-Z2DB10V...L4X superimposed relief valve 4.9-SV(SL)...L4X hydraulic control check valve CVR cartridge-mounted pilot fluid relief valve 5.11-WE6...L6X electromagnetic reversing valve Precision Agriculture Proportional Valve Group 2.6-ZDB-Z2DB6V...L4X superimposed relief valve MA-DHZO, DKZOR proportional directional valve CMD cartridge type direct acting relief valve Environmental protection industry valve group CRV cartridge type direct acting relief valve DBETR direct acting proportional relief valve Longitudinal electric contact pressure gauge Electro-hydraulic integrated control system Agricultural machinery industry valve group 3.9-Z2FRM6 superimposed speed control valve Flared welded ferrule type hydraulic joint 5.7-WMR(U)10...L3X rolling reversing valve ZU-A QU-A WU-A XU-A Series Return Filter 2.9-ZDBD...L1X superimposed relief valve EF-25~120 series hydraulic air cleaner Radial electrical contact pressure gauge 5.10-WE5 electromagnetic reversing valve 5.5-WMM16, 25, 32 manual reversing valve Shield machine hydraulic pumping station CBA cartridge type counterbalance valve CCN cartridge type throttle check valve Machine tool hydraulic pumping station 5.2-WMD10...L3X manual reversing valve YB-E series high performance vane pump 2.2-DB (W) pilot operated relief valve 5.4-WMM10...L4X manual reversing valve YKJD series liquid level control relay High pressure lifting hydraulic system 5.3-WMM6...L6X manual reversing valve CRD cartridge pressure reducing valve 4.7-Z1S...30 superimposed check valve Quick connector GT-VF open and close YJZQ series high pressure ball valve Quick connector GT-VVS high voltage Servo proportional hydraulic system CAA cartridge-mounted shuttle valve YB-D series high pressure vane pump NG10 proportional directional valve Construction machinery valve block Hydraulic valve block manufacturer Electromagnetic directional valve CNV cartridge type throttle valve 5.15-Z4WE6...L3X type block valve Servo proportional control system Straight through hydraulic joint Quick connector GT-QC instrument Quick connector GT-TNV hydraulic PAF series pre-press air filter QUQ series hydraulic air filter Centering CPC correction system Non-standard custom valve block Air-cooled oil cooler ACE8-CA2 CCV cartridge type check valve Machine tool hydraulic station Pipe clamp - double pipe clamp Non-standard hydraulic station 4.5-RVP...L2X type check valve 3.3-F precision throttle valve Metallurgical hydraulic system V series sub-mother vane pump Air-cooled oil cooler AH1012L Non-standard hydraulic system Winding EPC Correction System KF type pressure gauge switch High pressure oil filter PLF CSV cartridge sequence valve Air-cooled oil cooler AH0607 American threaded pipe joint High pressure oil filter QU WU.XU series suction filter Longitudinal pressure gauge XU-B series line gap filter Pressure gauge switch KF-L8 AGC press hydraulic system 50T quantitative vane pump QYL type oil return filter Pipe clamp - heavy series Ship industry valve group Proportional relief valve Pipe clamp - light series Quick hose coupling GT-C2 Shanghai Hydraulic System Proportional servo valve WF series suction filter Double unwinding system American threaded pipe Proportional amplifier General station system Press hydraulic system 4.1-S type check valve Hydraulic accessories Double winding system Pressure gauge switch Shield machine system Quick connector GT-C1 Multi-way valve block Air-cooled oil cooler Ship hydraulic system Cartridge valve block Small pumping station Oil return oil filter Hydraulic valve block Hydraulic Components Unwinding correction High pressure system Standard valve block Axial pressure gauge CPC alignment system Straight pipe joint 1BT9-SP inch system Superimposed filter Hydraulic oil pipe American JIC flare American SAE flare EPC winding system Winding correction Electrical control Hydraulic cylinder American interface Correction system Oil filter CGQ-50 1JO9-OG US system 1JT9-SP US system Type C air filter Outer wire elbow Metric interface Hydraulic system Yuyao GT-FF flat Radial belt dial 1BT supply pike 1B Inch G screw Servo amplifier Cartridge valve Gear pump CBTDH Pipeline filter Pressure Sensor Hydraulic valve Yuyao expansion Gear pump CBXW Gear pump CMZ2 Gear pump CBTD Cooling device Gear pump CBTL Hydraulic hose American GT-K1 Gear pump CBW Water cooler American JIC Piston pump Accumulator Level gauge Correction 1BT4 Yuyao Ball valve Air cooler Oil block Gear pump Vane pump Coupling Bell jar sensor Cooler

Service Hotline:0512-53401911

Contact information:13671968158


Company Address: No. 91 Yinchuan Road, Taicang City, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province

Postal code: 215400

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